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Dodge Caliber Master Power Window Switch 2011-2012 OEM

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NEW Dodge Caliber Power Window Switch for model years: 2011 2012. Free Shipping. Ships Within 6 Hours on Average of Order Completion. Free Enhanced Two Year Warranty. Lowest Price Guarantee, No 24 Hour shipping guarantee. This is a special order switch. When you place your order we then place the order with the dealership and we ship the same day it is delivered to us.

This switch is the complete unit you need including buttons, circuit board, plug ins, etc. OEM switch straight from manufacturer. Ships within 6 hours, on average, of order completion. Shipping includes delivery confirmation for U.S. buyers. (11 12 drivers side, control, button, panel, door, lock, main, automatic, electric). Dodge Caliber power window switch replacement for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) switch.

OEM Dodge Caliber Power Window Switch Replacement

Dodge's Caliber is designed with style and luxury in mind, sacrificing nothing with respect to the superior functionality of its interior components. With an extensive record in production excellence, it's rare to see the power windows not working in a Caliber vehicle. The Caliber is manufactured with sturdy long lasting parts, but occasionally the wear and tear endured by the OE Caliber power window switch will cause malfunction and a need for replacement. When your Caliber's power windows are in need of repair, most likely it is the master switch that you'll need to replace. This is due to the dirt and moisture that can get below the buttons and under the switch panel which will cause corrosion over time from extensive use by the driver.

Replacing your Caliber power window switch with its OE original exhibits brand loyalty we can appreciate, especially when in connection to Dodge. We give you the lowest prices on the internet for all OE window switches of every variety, period. Dodge owners understand the worthiness of sparing little expense to maintain their vehicle's upkeep, and there's satisfaction in knowing your Caliber power window switch purchase was of OE quality. That said there is one cost that would be senseless to endure, which is the fee charged by mechanics to install your new Caliber power window switch. You could take your Caliber to the dealership or the local repair shop and pay for an install at $100 an hour, or purchase from Switch Doctor right now and have it shipped in 6 hours on average and install it yourself. installing your new Caliber master switch isn't difficult and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Check our guide, replace window switch to see several different step by step examples. With same day shipping, a free enhanced Two Year warranty and a 30 day no hassle return policy, we make your decision easy. Don't hesitate any longer, save time and money by purchasing your OE Caliber power window switch from Switch Doctor today!

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