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Service and integrity -- remember not too long ago when the customer was always right? That still goes here at Switch Doctor. Our goal is to continually provide the lowest prices, the fastest shipping, the best free warranty policies, and free install guides and support -- We appreciate your business!

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Some unsolicited email from our customers:

I have received my switch this morning. I recommended you at each garage or anybody that needs a switch. I'm very happy. -Lise

Just got the switch as promised....P-E-R-F-E-C-T fit. You guys are awesome! Thanks. –Bailey

I received the door switch on Friday thank you so much! At first I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this product and not getting it from the dealer however not only was it cheaper but it was so easy to assemble. –Shelley

Great and fast communication. Very professional sale. Appreciate the pride in your company. It shows. –Paul

Thanks. Switch came fast and works great.- Anthony

Thanks, the switch was exactly what I needed. Plus it was shipped very fast. - dirtyjoe143

Thanks it worked great. –Stephen

Very pleased with the service and the switch. It arrived today, and I changed it out myself! It works great! What a savings! I'll recommend you to all my friends! –Dawn

The switch works great! –Richard

Thanks for SUPER FAST shipping and handling. Switch is a perfect fit and now the wife is happy! I will definitely recommend Switch Doctor to my friends. –Randy

You guys are awesome. Would definitely do business with you guys again. Great job. –Tony

I got the replacement switch. It's so good to have the doors and windows properly functioning again. –Chris

I wanted to thank you for the quick shipment, only two days !!. All worked great. Installed and working, thanks again. –Bob

I placed my order with you on Saturday Feb 23 at 11:34 AM. To my amazement the switch, was in my PO Box Monday morning on Feb. 25 at 6:55 in the morning. You are the best. What a great company. Thanks again. –Joni

Thank you very much for outstanding customer service. Really fast turnaround time! Perfect fit. Install was a breeze and everything works like new. I will recommend your outfit to everyone I know. –Eric

I recently ordered a switch from you for my son's Nissan Xterra. It arrived in 2 days! It was exactly as you advertised and only took minutes for my 17 year old to install. I will recommend to anyone in the market for a switch. I wish there were more people like you offering similar services that one could count on. Thank you again! –Donna

I received the switch Saturday and installed it today. It's nice to have the window working again. Thanks again for getting it to me so quickly. I will be sure to use you again when I need another switch. – Kirk

Thanks for the fast turn-around on switches ---with new motor and new switches works as good or better than new-------Many thanks. –Charles

Thank you so much. I will share this great customer service experience with others. –Alvin

Impressed with your level of customer service. –Lamar

I'm impressed! I ordered this Friday afternoon, and received it Monday. I installed it Monday night and it works like a champ. I could not be more pleased. –Tom

Phenomenal customer service. –Shakeel

Just wanted to let you know the switch arrived this past Monday, and it's perfect. –Dave

Thanks for the switch its perfect. It's like having new electric windows. –Cory

Switch Doctor....You rock!!...just got my new switch and now I can drive to work with the windows up!!...good bye overcoat! –Jeffrey

Received. Already replaced , works great . Thanks for rapid response! I would recommend your business to everyone! - Gary

Your company is to be congratulated on excellent customer service. –Philip

I got the switch and installed it, and works great. –Peter

Today I received the item safely. I'm very happy with the purchase. Thank you very much. –Tommy

Thanks for getting it out so quickly. I was able to install it myself and it works great. –Megan

Thank you very much. Your company sets the standard for quick service, great product and great customer service AFTER the sale as well. -Steve

I received switch, which works well. I would like to say that I am very pleased with your service and would freely recommend your company. –Mike

Thanks for your great service. –Gene

Wonderful! Thank you. Great customer service!- Owen

You are now on my favorites list as an auto parts company. Part looked great and your prices are great. Thanks for your assistance and I look forward to doing business with your company again. -John M.

Switch arrived as promised and install was easy. Thanks. –John F.

Your price was reasonable and I had the items in a few days, but most important my wife is happy her windows operate again. I have already mentioned your site to co workers who have older cars with malfunctioning power controls. Thanks again. –John M.

The new window switch was a 100% OEM replacement, and worked perfectly. Thank you! –Yngve

Thank you. I will definitely use your company again and refer you to friends. Great service. –Stephanie

Thank you from a very satisfied customer! I may never need a window switch again. I installed it today, works perfectly, and has made my daughter's life less stressful trying to get her driver window up without concern. Three days after my order was placed, (on a Saturday), it arrived on Monday! Amazing! –James

Thanks for the switch, it arrived today. It was quick to install and works like new again. It looks identical to the original in every way. The price was great ($38 vs $199 from the GM dealer) and shipping was a steal at only $4 to Canada. I appreciate the fair shipping rate to Canada as many vendors unreasonably inflate the shipping to Canada, knowing that they are still cheaper than our local suppliers. Thanks again and I'll spread the word to anyone needing a power window switch. –Jim

I am impressed – I ordered this on Friday afternoon & received it in my mailbox Monday! Your service is superb & part was correct, I installed it myself & all is good...thank you so much. –Judy

Got it. Thanks so much..5 minutes to install, works great. –Bob

Got it, put it on ,it works. Thanks guys. –Philip

WOW!!! You were FAST!!! Thanks Much. A very happy customer. –Joanne

Thanks for your service....the switch took less than 10 minutes to install and is working just fine..............good to have '4' windows that operate again...... :-) -Oleh

I have received the switch and it work perfectly. Look like the original. Thanks for the excellent support. –Patrick

Received switches yesterday. They are 100% correct for my '99 Suburban. Windows never went up and down so effortlessly. –Hank

Got this yesterday and I'm very please cause I put it on and it was the right one. Again, Thanks and keep up the good work. Very Happy customer. –Frank

Thank you very much. The switch is in and working. Fast delivery. –Helen

Thank you again for great customer service !!! -Yuri

Got the switch already. Incredible service. Thanks – albatrossteel

Got the switch yesterday, put it in today and works great! –Larry

I received the switch yesterday. It took at least 1 minute to install. It works well. –Mike

Thanks for the prompt shipping and sending the correct part. I wasted $25 on ebay on a used switch that had only 2 out of 4 window switches working. That used switch was worse than what I had! It is reassuring to get a new switch at a fair price. I'll never buy a used window switch online again. You have won a loyal customer. –Andy

wow that was fast and easy thank you so much! –Courtney

Just received the items. Thank you very much. Great service. - johnnygco1

Hey thanks for the switch looks like a charm!- urucan001

Just wanted to thank you- got the switch last week, fitted it in under 10 minutes and its perfect, will use you again should the need arise and will recommend you to anyone I hear needing a switch. –Tony

We are thankful and very appreciative. The part fit like a glove and the shipping was amazing. Thanks for your super fast service and attention to shipping and cost details. –Jay

Received switch today. It fits and works PERFECTLY!! Thanks so much for the excellent service and quick shipment. -Dennis

Got the switch and it works great! I will definitely be getting all of my switches from you and recommending you to all of my friends. –Scott

Thanks for your help. Saved me a lot of cash, i will buy again. –Marty

Thanks the switch works great! –Bombo

Thanks a bunch! New power window control switch arrived for my '02 Grand Prix fast and works perfectly! The local auto wrecker wanted $150 for a used one and I got a new one from you for about $45 with shipping to Canada! Can't beat that! Highly recommended store to anyone. –James

Thanks for doing an amazingly quick turnaround. Appreciate it and will recommend u. Tx. –Martin

Simply, you are the best. Thanks for your honest and super service, fair price and professional customer service. –Setrak

Thanks. Received it today, got here fast, easy fit. –Jorge

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. If we were on Ebay you would be getting 5 stars on everything and your communication process is awesome. The window is working perfectly. You can count on that I will shop with you when it calls for me to shop for parts. –Alonzo

Easy to find. Easy to order. Fast responds. Great price –Kim

Installed the switch successfully, everything seems to work fine. Thank you very much for your prompt response. I will definitely suggest to all my friends. You guy Rock on in Service. Thank you. -Chris

Thank you for the excellent service! I certainly appreciate doing business with an honorable company. Keep up the good work. I will have no problem recommending your company. –Ronald

I appreciate the flawless order process. I had searched all over for the window switch for my 98 Toyota 4Runner and after being sent the wrong one twice and others were too pricey I found the Switch Doctor. After placing my order late Friday evening, I received the switch at a great price on Monday afternoon! Thanks again I will tell everyone I know that may be in need of your service. Keep up the good work and excellent customer service!! –Pernell

You are awesome... –Leigh

Thank you for the shipment. It matches the interior just fine-works like a charm and I am very happy and satisfied. –Fred

It arrived yesterday and fixed my problem. Thank you for the quick shipping.- John

I know that you don't need any more Customer Reviews but I just can't help myself. I ordered a window switch for my 2007 F-150 at 2:00 PM on Thursday April 19, 2012, and it arrived at my door at 2:00 PM today, April 23, 2012. I went right out to the garage and had it installed in less than 5 Min and it works just fine. Thanks for such great service and a quality product at a fair price. –Tom

You guys are not good, YOU ARE GREAT!!! Service 2nd to none! –Joseph

Thank you got the switch. Great service! –Gary

Thank you, very much I really appreciate it. If I need any more switches I will be using your company again. Besides the great prices your service is outstanding as well. –Robert

The part arrived yesterday and I installed it last night. Everything is working again! –Rich

Thank You so much. Your customer service department should be commended for the prompt attention I received. –Andrea

I just wanted to say thanks. Received the master switch in one day, took just a few minutes to install, and fixed my Corolla window problem. Thanks for the good price and fast service. –John

Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service. –Thomas

Thank you for the fast, responsive and fair price service ! ! ! ! ! ! You were the first one to pop up on the web. –Dwight

WOW! In a world where there is really bad customer service around every corner it is heartening to see excellent customer service. You give me hope! :-) –Clarence

You guys are great!!! I will be telling everybody about your service and great products. – mcventure

Thank you Switch Doctor. I think I'm in love with you. –Keith

Just received order in the mail. Thanks for the fast delivery. The part works great! –Oda


I purchased this for my daughter's car. Thanks a lot, evidentially you were recommended to her, so you seem to have a great reputation, keep up the good work. Thanks again!!! – Albllatila

Ordered a switch for my wife's 2001 Chevy Malibu on Saturday (10/15). Received the switch on Monday (10/17). I work in the shipping world and never, ever have I witnessed such a quick delivery. And on an order placed on a weekend no less. I almost hope another switch goes bad so I can order again from Switch Doctor. –Clayton

Good service, excellent fit, works well. Thanks. – John

Switch arrived 9/1 Installed 9/3 and it works great. Truly appreciate the excellent service! Thanks for your help. –Wendell

Thank you so much. Very prompt service. It's a pleasure to deal with you. –Tim

Switch arrived installed in 20secs works like new. –Dave

Your service could not have been better - it blows any consumer site I have ever used out of the water. –Tom

Just wanted to say thanks and give you a great review!! Fabulous fast service (arrived 1 day earlier than estimated) and it's a great replacement master switch for my ancient (2001) Toyota Camry at a Great Price!! I saved between $85-$275 by using Switch Doctor...Thank you so much!! –Oliver

Wow! You guys are quick! Thank you much. Great service! –Anthony

Thanks for a great shopping experience! –Dave

Received my switch. Works great, fits perfectly, and was shipped very quickly. I am totally happy with it. The switch I received is the real deal. I will recommend you to everyone I know that needs a switch. –Dave

Last week, I rolled the driver side window down in my 1995 Toyota 4 runner and it would not roll back up...! When I took the master switch out to see what was going on, there was no doubt it was fried..! I searched online, auto part stores, the dealer even auto wreckers, but the prices were so high there was no way I could afford to purchase a switch to get my driver window back up on my low income...! Then, I stumbled across your web site... When I saw you carried my switch and the price was with in my low income reach, my first thought was " This is too good to be true " My second thought was " I sure hope this is a honest web site "On 08/04/2011 in the evening, I placed my order online. To my surprise, My Order, was in my P.O. Box today 08/08/2011..! 5 minutes after that switch got to my 4 Runner, it was plugged in, screwed down and working AWESOME...! Thanks to you all my worries about my window being stuck down gone! –Crystal

Received today, installed today, everything is Great!!! Thanks for your help, it was great doing business with you. –Larry

Got the part and it works well, an exact OEM style replacement, thank you! –Roy

Thanks a lot, got my part yesterday afternoon and got it installed, working perfect so far.-Avin

I wanted to share how pleased I was with your site and your service. I purchased a Master Control Switch (4 door) from your site Tuesday and it arrived in my mailbox Thursday morning. With priority shipping it was nearly 1/3 of the dealer price and 1/2 that of the chain parts store prices. I was nervous about ordering this part from you for that reason and I wasn't sure how long shipping was going to take. I have to tell you I couldn't be happier. It took me all of three minutes to install the new switch and my windows are all working perfectly again. If I ever have a problem like this again I will definitely go to first. –Corey

Thank You for the terrific Customer Service. In this day and age it was refreshing and I will highly recommend your company to anyone needing a automotive switch. –Denny

Thank you very much for such quick response to my order. It came today and I installed it on my mother-in-law's car. She is really happy to have her windows working properly again. –Bob

I received the New Switch on Monday 08/01/2011, and installed it this morning. It was the correct part, easily installed and works great. Ya'll have sold me as a permanent Customer when I need another Electrical Switch. Thanks for the prompt service and assistance. –Tim

Ordered Monday afternoon, received in the mail on Wednesday morning in the Northeast. GREAT Service!!! –Jerry

Just to let you know received the switch today...installed ....and works' great !!!! Solved my window problem. Great product, great price and most of all great service!!! -Bill

Ordered Saturday afternoon and switch arrived in mail Monday. Amazing! Thanks for your service. –Wendell

Now that's Customer Service ! ! ! I can assure you a long, long time in business treating your customers like that. I greatly appreciate your speedy response and action. Thank you again. –Denny

Part received. Excellent service beyond my expectation. –Lemual

Thank you! Great service all around. –Klaus

Thank you very much for the quick service you and your company provided. I received the order in 2 days and installed them the same day. The switches work perfectly. I will definitely recommend Switch Doctor to family and friends. -Lou Dinardo

Just wanted to share our excitement at the arrival of our window switch for our 2001 Toyota Sienna. It took less than 5 minutes to install, and now all our switches work again! (With no AC working, this is HEAVEN!) You guys saved us over $350 off the quoted price from the mechanic! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! -Greg & Annamae

Thank you! Appreciate your quick replies and helpfulness. –Jenny

Thanks, I received and installed switch unit yesterday. Almost forgot what it was like to operate the passenger side window from the driver's door again. –Mark

I received my'97 Astro window switch very promptly, installed it and my window works again!! Dealer wanted hundreds of $$$ to fix. Thanks Switch Doctor! -Phil B.

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