Reviews Part 3

Customer Testimonials Continued

Thanks for your excellent advice and great service. --Jens

Dear Switchdoctor: The Buick Century master window switch arrived on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 in perfect condition. It works perfectly. I am very happy with your service and your affordable price. My mechanic wanted to charge much more just for the part. Thank you for being available on the web. I was searching for the part from salvage yards when I got your web address by just typing the part name in. Thanks again for your fast help and I will recommend you to others. --Thomas C.

Mark, I received my switch today as ordered. It was very well packed and arrived with no damage. I installed the switch and it looks and works great! Thanks for being in business. You saved me about $40 dollars. I will use your business in the future and will recommend your site to my friends. Very Happy Customer --Kyle

Have been super busy this week, sorry for the delay. Switch Pack arrived in two days, installation was a breeze. Very satisfied. Thanks --Steve

Thanks Ty. Wow, so far I'd rate your service pretty darn good. I Google this part online today, after the Goodyear Florida Tire store here in Orlando wanted $169 for this part and $50 more for labor just to install it! I hope it's rather easy to install. But anything beats paying auto repair shop prices. God bless you --Dave

Hi, just wanted to say thanks. Your service combines the best of both worlds; the best customer service ever, and the convenience of online shopping and payment. I'm just sorry you didn't have the part I need. I will recommend you anytime. Thanks --Patricia M.

Hy Mark I Have my Switch form y Buick Regal Today. Thanks a lot for the top Service Greez from Switzerland --Robert

I received my new switch yesterday- wow, what fast service. My husband installed the switch today and my window works great. Thank you for your quick response. --shortywhat

Hello Mark, I received the master switch for my 1999 Nissan Sentra last night. It was easy to install with just 4 screws. I installed it last night and it works perfectly. I am very happy with your product and the timely manner in which it was shipped. Regards --William

Mark, just wanted you to know that the switch was in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the prompt delivery. I put it in the car last night & it is perfect. I appreciate the low cost & free delivery. Even though my car is in exceptional condition for it's age I didn't want to pay the dealership price in (NJ $124.00 plus tax). It was such a pleasure to deal directly with you when I had the problem. I already have recommended you to several other people. Thanks again --Betsy

Dear switch-doctor, Hi Mark, the ebay web site says I still need to pay you for this item. I got the confirmation that the item was cancelled. So what happens now? I was able to get the window up last nite, what a downpour we had. I'm 20 min. from where the Phillies were playing so you saw that weather. Thank goodness I could get the window up & not have to use the duct tape & plastic bag.....Thanks again for your help. I didn't have to break the switch just pull it up & stick the screwdriver behind it. It made the contact & the window went up. --betsyayam

Mark, You were so kind & helpful. I have only ordered 5 other items using ebay & always paid with a money order so I did have trouble using the paypal/nopaypal thing. I really appreciate you taking the time with me. I guess my friends are right, it is a blonde thing. Much appreciated. --Betsy

Hi Mark, Thanks for informing me of the second switch. I will leave you positive feedback on ebay! I have also told a few others about your store. Hopefully you will receive some business from them! Thanks again. --Jon

Dear switch-doctor, Hey, the switch was just the trick! Thanks a bunch and I have left you positive feedback!!! --gaddjr123

Hey how is it going? I recently bought a replacement master power window switch for my 98 altima. I installed it today and it works perfect. Havent been able to roll down windows for the last year. Every other master switch i looked at was in the 150 dollar range whereas yours was 50 bucks. Thanks --Kyle

Dear switch-doctor, Hello, I have received the article and I leave positive feedback for you; everything is correct. Thanks for all. Best regards. --utena_tenjou8

i got it today thanx for going out your way to deliver that for me. i appreciate it. --Elliot

thanks for the great service guys. Switch works great. --Ernesto V.

Hello, I bought the article. Thank you very much for the postage refound you are very attentive; now I will contact with other owners and recommend to 'switchdoctor' I will warn you when I receive the article. Thanks & regards --Paty

Would love to leave you a positive review but your google review link does not work. Thanks for sending me the switch so promptly. Took about 30 secs to put in and wallah!! the window works great. --prashant

I have rated your service as requested on my recent purchase of the 1998-99 Nissan Sentra Window Master Control Switch. Excellent! --tjh6030

Mark, I received my master switch in the mail today! After trying a few more times the wiring harness came out and the new switch works great, it rolls up without effort and on the first try!! Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! -- Kelly

Thanks for the quick service. I made a few minor ajustments to the switch and it installed just fine. Works great ...thanks again --Andre

Hey Mark, I am not sure how I would go about giving you a google review, I searched around but couldn't find the link. But I wanted to thank you for the switch, it was exactly what I needed and after it got here in a day it took me less then 2 minutes to install it. It works great and I couldn't expect a higher level of service than what I received through your business. Thank you very much, and if I ever need anything like this again I'll remember where I went the first time! Thanks again --Tim

Mark, we just got the switch and everything is perfect. Thanks so much for your fast friendly service. you also saved us a few bucks. THANK YOU! --Dominick and Amanda

Dear switch-doctor, Got the switches today. Lightspeed shipping. Excellent service. Will reccommend you to all my friends. Left positive feedback please do the same in return. Thanks --Jo

Mark, The switch arrived this afternoon, and worked perfectly. At $50 and five minutes' effort, it was a cheap solution to a silly problem: a window stuck in the "down" position. Thanks for your email. I made sure to leave good feedback. Regards --Jim A.

thanks for your rapid delivery. I received the switch in monday the 7th. it works great. again i just wanted to say thanks. --angel

Thank you for your expedient response and delivery! I received the item as shown and in great condition. Much appreciated! --Eric

Mark,recieved your package today mon6/24 thanks for the quick shipment.If the switch works ok been nice doing business with you thanks!! --fujimf

Hello Mark, I received the switch for my Nissan Altima and it was received in excellent condition. Thanks for the business. Regards --Suren

Thanks for the quick respond , I m Ok for few days waiting , very please the way of your business. --paul

Mark, Excellent. I'm impressed by your response time ! --Krystyna

Thanks Mark, Sorry for the mistake. After looking at the switch in the car, I realized it was indeed the correct one. Thanks for your help and prompt service. --Jim

Hi Mark, Thanks for the ultra fast intercontinental shipping of the switch, which arrived this morning. It is now installed in our Oldsmobile Silhouette and the window works as new. I have left you positive feedback with Ebay. Best wishes --Rob

I didn’t do anything to retrofit. I just plugged it in and put the cover back on. The screws didn’t line up so I didn’t use any. The switch fits pretty snug without any screws and there isn’t really anywhere for the switch to go. The toggles sit about 1/16” lower in the bezel plastic cover than the original switch. If you’re not the person who fixed the switch you probably wouldn’t know it was any different. The passenger window toggles on the master switch, which are shorter, only slightly come above the bezel plastic. I rarely use these so I didn’t care. In conclusion, it fixed the problem on a car that is over 10 years old so there’s no reason to spend extra money and wait 10 days on a part that Advance has on back order. Thank you --Matthew

Hi, Received master switch for 2000' Nissan Altima GXE today and intsalled it in about 3 to 5 great! I still have the dealer receipt from a work order when the car was under warranty, that states "customer claims driver window switch does not work properly", and the dealer's response was that "they could not duplicate the problem"...well I suffered 8 years wrestling with that damn switch, which probably should have been a recall from Nissan. Oh by the way...I called the dealer for a price quote and they only wanted $135.00 for their switch. Sorry to rant, but just wanted to thank you very much. You charged $50. for the switch and very reasonable shipping of $2.85 and it arrived in only about 3 to 5 days....If I only knew how easy it was!!! Thanks again, I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. Sincerely --Joe B.

I got the switch and installed it its working good thanks --Manny E.

I received the switch yesterday, installed it and it worked great. I was surprised it came so quickly. Thanks for great service and I will reply in google feedback. --Thomas

Mark, I wanted to give you an excellent Google Checkout review but I must have deleted the email from my Spam folder. I agree that is a stupid thing to do on their part, spam filter their own email! If there's any way you can send another invitation to review your website I'll be glad to give you the 5 star rating you deserve. --John

Got it in the mail today, have it installed and works like a charm!!! Fast food restuarants here I come!!! Thank you SO much --simclmao

Dear switch-doctor, Your the greatest. You even will let me knoe how to replace the old with the new. No wonder you have a great rating. Keep up the good work. Oh by the way I will be getting in touch with you on how to replace the switch box! Sincerely --Kerry K.

just wanted to let you know your service was prompt and just fantastic. thank you very much. --rich h.

Perfect! --gmontoyajr

I would like to thank you so much for a perfect product! You saved me some money and fixed my window! I just got screwed over by another seller (for a different product) which makes me grateful to receive quality service. Thank you! --autumnbraun1

Dear switch-doctor, The switch was perfect. Thank you. Have left very positive feedback for you. Please, reciprocate. --Don S.

Dear switch-doctor, Just wanted to thank you for covering the shipping; this was the easiest and most positive transaction I've had at ebay! Switch install was a breeze and even better it solved the open window problem. lol...Would do business again with you anytime! --sybursue

Good Morning Mark, Wanted you to know I recieved my window switch in the mail yesterday...popped it in and working just fine. Thanks again for such speedy service and I will certainly spread the word about for all those troublesome parts to find. Have a great day !! Kate S.

Wow... Gotta tell you, I'm way pleased with how swiftly this went thru and your just a bit away in GA. This is my first Volvo. Window wouldn't go up, went to the local guy here. Though he tried his very best,none to be found. And we all know what a dealer will hit you for. I've saved your website for future reference. Thank you again for your prompt service !!!!! --Kate

Thanks - it arrived in the mail on Thursday. Just after my last email to you I went out and checked the Post Office site again (for the 10th time that day) and it was finally updated with the info. PS - it works great! --John

Hey Mark, The switch showed up today! Man, you’re right, what a waste it would have been to pay for priority. I’ve already installed it and it works perfectly. Thanks. --Rick

Dear switch-doctor, just to let you know, I just got the switch, installed it, and it works like a charm :] Thanks! -steffan

I got the part (Nissan Altima Window Switch). I give you A+ for a super fast delivery. The part is in working fine. I dont have to worry since it carries a life long warranty. Thank You... --Ramesh

Mark, just want to let you know the power window switch I purchased from you looked and fit just like the OME switch on my Altima. The switch is working flawlessly. Thanks for the fast shipping and great service. I saved over $50.00 buying from you instead of from the dealership! Keep up the good work. Please add my quote to your selling site. --Walt C.

Thanks Ann. Although this didn’t work out for me, I wanted to commend you on OUTSTANDING customer service and a really mean that. Have a great day. - Rich

Thank for your refund so promptly. -jfkautz

Mark, Appreciate your support and follow up thank you! I was going to give it till tomorrow then give you a call…. I know some orders do get caught up in customs but usually 7-10 days is normal… Thanks again and have a great week end! -Dominic

Hi Mark, just to let you know I received the window switch yesterday. Thank you very much. -Cody

Received my switch. That was quick. Waiting for a couple other parts, then will install it. Thanks much. --Ed

Very Cool, I need to get the official Okey Dokey from the vehicle's owner, but I am pretty sure they will give me the go-ahead. Thank you so much for your timely responses and to the point info. If I do not have the opportunity to email or talk with you again, have a Happy Holidays! --Alan

Hi I received the switch and got that window working again. Thanks for everything. Merry Christmas! Thanks --Rob

Thanks a perfect match quick and easy so simple anyone can do it!!! --John L.

Hey Mark, thanks for the promptness. I read some good reviews about you company. --Ted

Hi If you ever need me for a reference please let me know. I appreciate your fast turn around on the refund. Thanks --Harry S.

Item arrived today, already installed it. I just wanted to let you know we installed it on our 2003 Suzuki and it works great, I know the description doesn't mention 2003 but in case anyone asks you it will work on 2003 model. Thank you very much. --homeshack

thanks anne i just called bank and they are getting it all squared away i appreciate your help your customer service is #1 in my book very poliate and fast service --Kyle P.

Thanks Mark, I really appreciate your quick response! Also thanks for the 4Runner tip since for the Land Cruiser there is nothing used out there - except Down Under and that is RHD... Wish i could give you some +++feedback! Maybe some other time though, --Mike

as of install, all switches are working great. --Mike

The "SWITCH" arerived today and Works Perfectly.....Thank You.. I wanted to leave an "GREAT Feedback for you, but was not able to (COULD of been because of Item ended, or IT's been over 30 days.) I'll keep trying...somehow, someway I might get the job done... Once again thanks -- wlhamon

Dear Anne, I received the switch yesterday. I am very pleased with everything and although it was raining I put my window down. Thank you very much for all your help! -- Geoffrey T.

thank you anne it is here and its the right part thank you!!!! --Rex B.

Most pleasant greetings Switch Doctor! I received the switch today and immediately installed it into my 2001 Acura 1.7 EL - only sold in canada. Please add this type of vehicle to the list of Cars you can install the Switch I will recommend your services when the opportunity arises. -- Michael N.

Anne, switch arrived a charm...thunderstorms this weekend...thanks -- Jack

Thank you. I must say, your service is un-matched!!! -- Frank

Anne, Thanks again for going the extra mile. Take care and enjoy the remainder of your day. --Grant G.

Thanks again -- Lonnie

Thanks for your help - I took apart the switch and was able to use a very small driver and slide the broken part - and the window closed! I think installing the replacement master will be a piece of cake! --Kathy

Mark, Thank you for getting the switches to me so quickly. I ordered them on Saturday and recieved them today (Monday). With your instructions online we already installed the Nissan master switch! Tomorrow we will attempt the Toyota 4runner switch. I hope it goes as well. --Carol K.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. --Roxanna

thank you for the quick turn over time the switch arrived today . --Josh M.

Thank you very much. --Adam

Hi Mark I have received the Suzuki window switch this morning, The Switch has been fitted and working Kind regards --Tadhg

Hi Anne, Thanks for your help. --Art Case

Thanks so much, I'll leave some positive feedback on Amazon. -Gilbert

Thank You! -- Chuck R.

Switch Doctor, Switch arrived, installed, and it works. Thank you --Jack

Thank you so much for helping me!! I look forward to getting the ONE switch that I so badly need!! Again, thanks for your help. -- Brian

thank you very much! --Chris F.

Dear switch-doctor, Hello got the switches today fast delivery thank you, Ron -- bowfisher965

Anne, Received my new switch today and it works beautifully. Thank you so much for your help. The bad switch will be put in the mail tomorrow. --Dick

Dear switch-doctor, Thanks a lot Anne -- asaekah

Thank u very much!! -- Steve

thank you again for your prompt response to this issue --Brandy & Kevin

Dear Anne! Today arrived my switch, Thank You, is working,sorry for my unpatient behavior. Good Company!! I wish the best. --Istvan

Dear switch-doctor, Thank you very much sir. Regards. --yonke86

Thanks much, Anne. --Joe R.

Dear Anne, Thank U very much for your response as it was greatly appreciated. --Connie

Great. Thanks for all your help Anne. We will be on vacation until the 8th, hopefully it will arrive 3ound the time we return. --Jonathan

Thanks, Anne! --Scott B.

Thanks for the quick response! --Dan

Hi Mark..... Thank you for the it today and it is the right one. Nice to have the window down with this heat up this way. Much Appreciated, Shelley J.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!! --Darren A.

Thanks for the quick shipping, I really needed this to finish up a car deal. -- Danny

Just wanted to let you know that it shipped incredibly fast, worked beautifully, and I got it installed an hour before a two-day downpour session (Car window was stuck down). --Paul H.

I have recieved the switch. Thank you for your quick response. --John

Anne, A big thank you for checking into this for me! I will keep you in mind the next time the need arrises. Thanks again, --Ryan P.

thanks so much! just installed it today myself, very easy. thanks so much! -- J R

Switch Doctor Thanks for making it easy! --Mack R.

Hi! Got the window switch today. Unfortunately it was the one that you sent second so it looks like the first one just kind of got lost while shipping. I just really wanted to thank you once again for your great service. I'm sorry, but I think I cannot leave you positive feedback because 31 days have passed since I purchased that switch and eBay kinda closes the case after that or something? I'm quite new here on eBay, so if there is a way to still leave feedback, let me know and I'll happily leave one. Hope my personal thanks to you means something :D Bye --Jaak

Hello Mark I thought I should let you know that my brother was in my car today and informed me that the lock feature does in fact work and he showed me that all other windows lock but not the drivers. I can't believe I have to admit to this. My apologies for my error. Many thanks again. --Penney

Hi Just wanted you to know I received my master switch for my impala last friday. Many, many thanks. The window lock doesn't work but it is not a feature that I use and don't even know if it worked on the old one. I do believe it is electrical and has nothing to do with your switch but just thought I would let you know. You have save me alot of money and have made my car much more enjoyable. Many thanks again. Regards. --Penney W.

I have recieved my order and the part is working fine and was deliver with in the time frame mention. -- Andre

Very pleased! Thank you! -- Georgina L.

Got the switch today thankyou for being so resonably priced on the master switch i will use you again if need to -- Richard

i recently ordered a switch for my montana, and got to say, GREAT JOB GUYS!!! I LOVE quick shipping, i am a little impatient, when i pay for things, i tend to expect them in a few days. i ordered on Thursday morning, and it was here Saturday after noon...AWESOME!!! -- KEVIN

Already ordered from the other site. Initially hesitated because I didn?t want to go through the hassle of registering my credit card with another site or something. But on, it was easy and straightforward. -- siamgecko

Thanks Spencer My name is Vered, Amir's spouse I am already very happy with your price. Do you know how much the dealer wants for this piece of plastic??? 345$ + taxes, it is amazing, thieves. anyway I will rate you once I get the switch --Vered

(basically it came down to the Post Master didn't do her job completely. But we have it now and are thankful! --Stephanie

Just wanted to let you know, that the Post Master had it sitting on the shelf waiting for us to pick up but they never put a notice in our box. I appreciate your help and thank you -- Stephanie B.

Got it, installed it, it works. Finished feedback. Thanks -- David F.

Thanks, that's what I was afraid of. And from what I've seen the used ones are hard to find. Thank you for your answer! -- Laurie H.

Hi Mark,I reciveid the purchase and appreciated you service. Thanks --savio b.

Got pkg just fine. Haven't installed yet, too cold! Thank you for everything. Wish I knew about your company years ago -- Patsy

hello, thanks for quick turn around on order - our window was stuck down off course, with snow coming! The box arrived on Monday afternoon! -- Joseph R.

Part arrived today...pass thru customs with no charges. Thanks much -- J

The product you sent me arrived today,quality product,I would recommend you to all my friends,In another exchange to discuss, thank you very much. --Bahattin A.

THANKS! Received switch in less than 72 hrs...ordered on friday night (holiday weekend) and got it in the mail MONDAY MORNING. Thanks a ton you guys RULE!!!! --29inheaven

Mark, My local dealership quoted me $440, but were gracious enough to offer free installation. Thanks for everything. -Thad

Hi Mark - had the motor checked - some how it was dissconnected - everything is hooked up and the switch works fine - thank you for your help. -Bill M.

Got it today and installed it myself. thanks --Jerry

Got the switch yesterday...installed in 3 minutes as promised. You saved me $$. Thank you. -- Todd

hello switch-doctor, i am sending you this email message to advise you that i will not be able to leave any type of feedback due to me deploying out of country due to military service. I would like to say thank you for the time and the good description of your items. thank you for your time in this matter. --toys_for_grownups

Hi Spencer - We received our order today before noon - thanks for the swift service!! I left feedback also. Thank You -- Pam

Thank you for the very personal customer service. Your assistance was invaluable in helping us with the return. My only regret is that it didn't work for my car. -- Rita S.

Mark I ordered and paid for the buick switch this morning...I looked at the removal instructions for the Grand Prix and they were close. So I removed the switch panel to access the swirch.. 2 minute job. Thanks --Tony

As we say up here: worked like a chahhhm. -- Brian

Got the switched installed and works great! Thanks -- Bill

Hi, I need a new master switch for my Toyota Camray - 1996. I'm stunned by your low price compared to what my mechanic said it would cost him to get the part. ($300-400). I wonder why your prices are so low and if this is really the part that I need. The button on the driver's side that rolls down the drivers side window does not work, though I can still roll down the other windows from the driver's side. Thanks. --Kathy

Thank you for your great price! --Robert

Dear switch-doctor, Hi, kindly disregard my message regarding the window lock not working. It turns out that it was working fine. I will leave positive feedback for you. Thanx --scottp4234

thanks…you guys are right on the money --Bigfoot9539

Thanks-I appreciate the help! --Diane

Mark, Thanks. The switch arrived today. It took 5 minutes to install and it was my problem. Again, thank you very much. --Scott

Hi Mark Today I have received switch, Thanks for your help Thank you --Andrey

thanks mark! awesome reply time @ your end with this email. ok, i will wait to be contacted when you have it in stock. thanks again --todd

Mark Thank you for your quick response --Ramiro S.

You earned them and your welcome --bocar44