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Welcome to Switch Doctor, the world's only specialist in power window switches (also called electric window switches, automatic window switches, switch panels, door switches, lock switches, main window switches, driver's switches, and passenger switches). We carry both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) directly from the dealerships, and Switch Doctor brand window master control switches.

All Switch Doctor brand window switches carry a lifetime warranty; all our OEM window switches carry a two year warranty. Click here to view our warranty policy.

Switch Doctor does not sell used window switches (or reconditioned, refurbished, etc. window switches). We ONLY sell window switches that are brand new, and come strait from our factory or a dealership.

If you need a replacement window switch, you've come to the right place! We recommend that you diagnose your auto window problem before buying a part. A defective window switch is the most common cause of a car window problem. (A less common problem with your car power windows would be a bad window motor (window regulators and wiring issues are rarely the problem). Please contact us if you need help diagnosing your power controlled windows problem. It is not possible to repair a window switch that is burnt out, but sometimes a careful cleaning might extend the life of a switch with fouled contacts for a few days or months. It is much more cost effective to simply replace a bad window switch, which anyone can do themselves in about 5 minutes in most cases. Please click here to see our window switch installation video guides.

If you buy a window switch from us and it turns out you don't need it, you can return it for up to 90 days. Click here to view our no hassle 90 day return policy.

If you aren't sure why your window isn't working, please click on the "HELP DIAGNOSING YOUR WINDOW PROBLEM" link at the bottom of this page.

At Switch Doctor we ship twice daily, seven days a week -- our motto is "The Customer Is Always Right!" Switch Doctor is entirely American owned and operated. Thank you for shopping with us.

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