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1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix (2 Door) Window Switch Removal/Installation Guide

1995-2002 Pontiac Grand Prix (2 Door) Window Master Control Switch Easy Removal/Installation Guide


1. Removing the master switch from the door

First, there is a retaining clip in the bottom of the switch panel that must be disengaged. A small flat-bladed screwdriver works best – the tip can be wrapped with a bit of tape to protect the surface. Push in and lift the rear of the panel upwards.

The top of the panel has a retaining tab that must be disengaged from the door panel – pull the panel slightly downwards after the rear clip is up. Turn the switch over and remove the gang wire clip. It is not necessary to remove or disconnect the other switches or clips.

2. Removing the gang wire clip

A tab keeps the clip locked into the switch. Depress this tab with a small screwdriver or other tool while you pull the clip out by the sides. If it is stuck, rock it out from side to side gradually, being careful not to tug on the wires.

Next is the hardest part of the operation. The switch is held in the panel by 4 tabs that must be released. The screwdriver tip must be really thin to do this without gouging the panel up. A small awl or pick works best for this part.

Insert the pick between the tab and switch and pry out slightly. When the tab disengages, apply a little pressure to the switch with your thumb and move the awl to the other tab on the same side. When the two tabs on one side are disengaged, continue applying slight pressure to keep the tabs from re-engaging, Disengage the tabs on the other side with the pick and the switch will pop free.

3. Install your new master switch

Plug the gang wire clip into your new switch. Test the switch before fully installing. Fasten your new switch into the cover, making sure the locking tabs snap in place. The switch will only go in one way. Flip the panel back over. Feed any excess wiring into the opening, then engage the tab at the top of the panel. Push the cover down, engaging the rear clip. You just saved the installation fee and a trip to the service center in less than 5 minutes!

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