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Switch Doctor's Hassle-Free Return Policy


* Return your purchase within 60 days of the purchase date for a full refund minus our postage cost and a $5 processing fee. The fee goes entirely to compensate the processor for their time spent. (Switch Doctor as a company pays transaction fees on all online and phone orders, but we do not charge you for those losses relating to returned switch transactions. We regret having to deduct the $5 fee, but there is a substantial amount of labor involved). You may also opt in for a hassle-free prepaid return label to be sent via email for an additional $3.00 fee to be taken out of your refund. This fee is for the postage cost only. Refunds go back the same way you paid with your original transaction, and are normally made within one week of receiving your return. (However, any customer who needs a fast refund will be granted a conditional refund as described below!) Please be patient as most payments are held for several days by banks, credit card companies, etc. while they engage in speculation with your money [which is "legal", believe it or not!] Once we have made the refund we have no control over these entities and have no way to force them to give your money back immediately.

* To avoid long delays in processing and to receive any additional help with your return, please fill out one of the following quick return forms: (Please note the new second return option for an instant refund as soon as your return has been mailed.)

* Please include a note with your name, order number, and the reason for your return within your return package if you do not opt in for a prepaid label to be sent via email.

* You won't have to include anything with your returned switch if you opt in for the hassle-free prepaid return label. The label will have all order information conveniently attached in the form of an RMA.

* Please note that any return requiring a signature may result in the package being returned to you if no one is available to sign for it upon the first delivery attempt. We do not make special trips to the post office to sign for packages. Please avoid requiring a signature!

* Do NOT mark the shipment "Return to Sender". When marked as such the package is almost never returned to us and we will be unable to refund you! Unfortunately, hard experience has shown that you will have to repackage and pay for postage in order to be sure the package comes back to us and we are able to refund your payment.

* IMPORTANT: Switch must be returned without scratches or other damage (and in original box or packaging if OEM [meaning manufactured by Ford, GM, etc., not Switch Doctor]; do not use the OEM box as a mailer or write on or tape the box please to be eligible for refund). We cannot accept a switch for return if it has been worked on in any way without the express consent of Switch Doctor. Anyone returning a switch with cosmetic damage to any part of the switch that is visible after installation will be given the option of paying for return shipping of the switch back to the customer. Please contact us before you work on a switch yourself! (Any switch that has been installed in a vehicle that it was not advertised by us as fitting, excepting those customers who inform us before purchase, is assumed to have been damaged by the customer and therefore is not eligible for return.)

* NEW: We now offer an optional conditional quick refund option! As soon as your package has been accepted by the carrier, you will be refunded. You will not be rebilled as long as you have complied with all of our return policies stated above. Please fill out the form below to select this option:

* To receive a replacement for a defective switch, see our warranty policy:

Window Switch Warranty

* We always do our best for our customers:

May 24th, 2008
"My switch arrived within days and it works fine. The switch seemed to stick originally when opening or closing the window. I contacted customer support and they said I could return and replace no problem. It was not a huge issue so I held onto it for a week. Sticking went away after a week so it was just because it was new. No problems with my experience at all."
John G.

September 9th, 2008
"They stand behind their guarantee. I got a bad switch that broke after two months. They reminded me of the guarantee when I was ordering a replacement and then refunded the money for the replacement. You can't beat that. More businesses should operate like this."
John M.